Comfort “Food”

In Chinese culture, at least what I’ve been brought up and told, it is typically going to be a bad year for those whose sign is being celebrated. That probally calls for one to stay in and avoid doing things. I tried to do the opposite and in doing so that has lead me down the path of “being a foodie”. I’ve come across some great people and some not so great people. Art has always been a part of who I am and these two passions have combined and I was recently asked to create some drawings from a few foodie friends. Here they are.

It’s Been Awhile…

It has been a long time since I posted an artwork. Not that I’ve stopped creating, I just haven’t posted any to the site.

So here’s a sneak peek, if you will, of the latest piece that I was working on. This took me awhile to finish for a number a reasons.

2018-06-24 17.29.01

If you follow me on IG ( you’ve probally seen the process.