Comfort “Food”

In Chinese culture, at least what I’ve been brought up and told, it is typically going to be a bad year for those whose sign is being celebrated. That probally calls for one to stay in and avoid doing things. I tried to do the opposite and in doing so that has lead me down the path of “being a foodie”. I’ve come across some great people and some not so great people. Art has always been a part of who I am and these two passions have combined and I was recently asked to create some drawings from a few foodie friends. Here they are.

Summer Time is Over

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The Ex signals the official end of summer in Toronto, but thousands, upon thousands still make their way to the CNE grounds to enjoy the food, the sights, the games and maybe do a little shopping.

I for one go for the food and some of the sights. First stop was to Cake Shake to get a cheese cake on a stick. The Love Struck to be exact. A piece of cheesecake dipped in vanilla and topped with rainbow sprinkles, strawberry topping and Lucky Charms 😋😋😋 then it was off to get our cheese pull on The King Of Curds, with their HK style French Toast. Deep fried cheese curds topped with peanut butter, sweet condensed milk and butter 🤤🤤🤤 Need to wash that down with some ice cream. A Dole Whip Pineapple Ice Cream Float to be exact 🍦🍦🍦 then shook things up with some Shook Noodle for lunch 🍜🍜🍜 with a side of Apple Fries 🍏🍏🍏 that’s healthy right? And of course Tiny TOm Donuts for the journey home,but not before checking out some sand sculptures and the amazing indoor lantern festival. 😍😍😍

“Mario Kart” at the Niagara Speedway

It has been awhile since I’ve post a video. So, buckle up because here we go!!!

I finally made it out the the Niagara Speedway to do a few laps around the multi-leveled go-kart track in Niagara Falls. Apparently, it’s the go to kart track in North America. It has been deemed “Mario Kart-style”, although not affiliated with Nintendo in anyway, perhaps it is because it successfully brings together traditional go-karts with the added fun & excitement of a rollercoaster with an elevated track and sharp turns. You can speed down the straightaways, whip around the turns, all while heading for the checkered flag.

The Niagara Speed way is open from 10am to 1am daily. It’s $12 if you want to get behind the wheel and $4 if you just want to enjoy the ride. There is a height requirement and limit. Video recording is allowed, but your camera must be affixed to your body, no hand head devices.

2018 NHL Playoff Stanley Cup Finals

2018 NHL Playoffs_round 4.jpg

*** I forgot to post this, and now it’s going to seem like I’m kumping on the Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon, but if you’ve been following, I’ve had them victorious in every round.

I went 1 for 2 in round 3. 50% again for a record of…. 11 and 5 going into the grand finale.


Of course Vegas is going to win the cup and in doing so becoming the greatest expansion franchise in all of sports. Of course it’s going to be and one and done for them. I don’t think they can keep this team together after the season’s over, too many expiring contracts that are going to want raises.

I know regular season records don’t matter, but Vegas went undefeated against Washington. Goaltending is going to be a ket in this series. Fleury has been there and won it all. Holtby, hasn’t and until this post season never really had any playoff success.

When you look at the rosters, Washington definately has more fire power on paper but Vegas has shown all post season that they can keep up with anyone and some players are having breakout seasons.

2018 NHL Playoffs Are A Go!!!

It’s that time of year again. The greatest playoffs in sports. 4 rounds. Minimum 16 games. 16 Wins to capture the greatest trophy in sports. It’s time for the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs!

I’m no hockey expert, but I did go 9-6 last year in my predictions with 4 spot on preditions (Rd 1 – Ottawa and Washington, Rd 2 – Nashville, Rd 3 – Nashville) so you can take my advice or not. At the very least its some food for thought for you.

2018 NHL Playoffs_round 1My Round 1 Predictions as follows:

In the West:

Nashville over Colorado in 4

Nashville surprised me with their run last year and I’m not going to underestimate them this year. They’ve proved to be the real deal.

I was surprised Colorado made it back to the playoffs this year. A 47 point imporvement from last season. They have the skill to challenge the Predators, but Pikka Rinne is just a wall in net. Not to mention Nashville swept the season series.

The Avalache are still a very young team and this will be a experience maker form them. I don’t expect them to be much trouble for the best team in the league.

Winnipeg over Minnesota in 7

It’s so nice to see Winnipeg back in the playoffs. If the cards fall into place I can seem them making a run. Both these teams had a scorching second half, it’s going to come down to who can take it to the next level. The Wild have slowed down since the trade deadline and lost the season series.

Las Vegas over LA in 6

The greatest expansion franchise in NHL history against an aging LA team. It won;t be easy for Vegas to get their first playoff series win under their belt. Hte Kings are getting older but they’re only a few years removed from winning a Stanley Cup. Vegas won the season series and really don’t have to go out there and win. The have done far more than anyone expected them to. Every win is just gravy for them, the NHL and sports in Las Vegas.

The Kings have all the pieces their to make another run to the finals but Vegas was put together by a very smart hockey man. Not to mention Vegas has one of the most underrated goalies in the NHL. I have appreciated Marc-Andre Fleury’s game since he broke into the NHL and still think PIttsburgh made the wrong decision in letting him go.

San Jose over Anaheim in 7

This match up seems almost like a staple in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. *It might not actually be. But it sure does feel that way. Not a series that I am particularly interested in seeing. Two teams that can make some noise but that’s about it.

When you look at the core of both teams, the edge has to go to San Jose. The Ducks have some question marks in goal. Miller isn’t what he used to be and hasn’t been in years. He could still steal a series though. Gibson is battling injuries, so it will be interesting to see in the Ducks get the kind of goaltending it needs to win a cup.

San Jose on the other hand has a veteran core that can still keep the puck out of its net and put it in the other.

In the East:

Tampa Bay over New Jersey in 6

New Jersey can probably steal 1 game, maybe 2, but Tampa Bay is just too good to be put out in the first round. But the season record says otherwise. New Jersey won the season series, undefeated.

Bottom line, Tampa has been here before, New Jersey hasn’t and that’s what matters at this time of the year. Does New Jersey go with Kinkaid, who has backstopped this team during their rub. Or do they go with Schneider, who was brought in to take over from Brodeur. Can Taylor Hall breakout and show Edmonton they made a mistake?

Toronto over Boston in 6

The nasty taste in the mouths of Toronto fans (mine included) still lingers. But this year its different. The Leafs have broke a number of franchise records this year and can’t be looked at as underdogs anymore. Are they serious contenders for the cup? They maybe be a year or two away still, but if the cards fall into place. Plan the parade!

It’s going to come down to who can grind out that W. I said it last year, Boston is no longer an elite team. The can grind you down and beat you but the LEafs are becoming an elite team. All 4 lines can beat you and Andersen has looked unbeatable down the streath. It’s going to be Rask vs Anderson and I think the Leafs can finally put that demon to bed with authority.

Washington over Columbus in 7

It’s the Ovechkin curse. One of the leagues best players in the regular season, but for whatever reason his teams just can’t get it done in the playoffs. I want Ovechkin to win, so I’m going with Washington. This maybe the last run for this build of the team.

It almost feels like Columbus shouldn’t even be here. It’s hard to pick out a standout moment from them this season. Bobrovsky has to be perfect if Columbus is going to get out of this series. The Caps won the season series.

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 7

Crosby vs Ovechkin again, we are going to see it in round 2. Pittsburgh has too much fire power to get put out in the first round. But that doesn’t mean Philly should be counted out. They may have lost the season series, but the playoffs are a different season and those records don’t mean anything.

Last time these teams met, we saw 56 goals in 6 games, peaking with a 10-3 win for Pittsburgh in Game 4 and an 8-5 victory for Philadelphia in Game 2. Goaltending is going to matter. Time for Murray to prove me wrong.