“Mario Kart” at the Niagara Speedway

It has been awhile since I’ve post a video. So, buckle up because here we go!!!

I finally made it out the the Niagara Speedway to do a few laps around the multi-leveled go-kart track in Niagara Falls. Apparently, it’s the go to kart track in North America. It has been deemed “Mario Kart-style”, although not affiliated with Nintendo in anyway, perhaps it is because it successfully brings together traditional go-karts with the added fun & excitement of a rollercoaster with an elevated track and sharp turns. You can speed down the straightaways, whip around the turns, all while heading for the checkered flag.

The Niagara Speed way is open from 10am to 1am daily. It’s $12 if you want to get behind the wheel and $4 if you just want to enjoy the ride. There is a height requirement and limit. Video recording is allowed, but your camera must be affixed to your body, no hand head devices.

It’s Been Awhile…

It has been a long time since I posted an artwork. Not that I’ve stopped creating, I just haven’t posted any to the site.

So here’s a sneak peek, if you will, of the latest piece that I was working on. This took me awhile to finish for a number a reasons.

2018-06-24 17.29.01

If you follow me on IG (matt.i.media) you’ve probally seen the process.

2018 NHL Playoff Stanley Cup Finals

2018 NHL Playoffs_round 4.jpg

*** I forgot to post this, and now it’s going to seem like I’m kumping on the Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon, but if you’ve been following, I’ve had them victorious in every round.

I went 1 for 2 in round 3. 50% again for a record of…. 11 and 5 going into the grand finale.


Of course Vegas is going to win the cup and in doing so becoming the greatest expansion franchise in all of sports. Of course it’s going to be and one and done for them. I don’t think they can keep this team together after the season’s over, too many expiring contracts that are going to want raises.

I know regular season records don’t matter, but Vegas went undefeated against Washington. Goaltending is going to be a ket in this series. Fleury has been there and won it all. Holtby, hasn’t and until this post season never really had any playoff success.

When you look at the rosters, Washington definately has more fire power on paper but Vegas has shown all post season that they can keep up with anyone and some players are having breakout seasons.

2018 NHL Playoffs Round 3

Back to normalcy. Going 2 for 4 in Round 2. But I can gloat about calling Vegas in 6 over San Jose!

Record after 2 rounds: 9 -3. 1 called it!

Round 3 Predictions as follows:

In the West:

Vegas over Winnipeg in 6

The only Canadian team left and I’d be lying if I said I’m not surprised with the Jets success. A big step forward for Jets. My hats off to them but the drive ends here. I said it all playoffs, you have to beat Marc-Andre Fleury. Maybe the Jets can, but Vegas can keep pace so it’ll be tough to end the fairytale that is the Vegas Golden Knights’ season.

In the East:

Tampa Bay over Washington in 7

Washington finally got here. Ovi finally got his team past Crosby but now he has to take on Stamkos. I think Tampa Bay can contain Ovi and still put the puck in the net. Ultimately this is coming down to goaltending.